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hoLY SHIT there’s going to be a special unaired episode included in the upcoming dvd vol 7???? SO THAT MAKES FREE 14 EPS LONG. wtf KYOANI



I thank not only god but also Reisus

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episode 10 predictions

  • rin: man sousuke... im so sad about what happened with haru... i just need a good shoulder to cry on..
  • sousuke: yeah about that
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Free! Ep. 10



How will it be between Haru and Rin in the next episode? I really can’t tell.. :x

Hmm… this is all just me guessing, but I think that we won’t know until ep.11. The next episode looks like it’ll be focussing on Sousuke and Rin.

And it all comes down to the relay, which is sweet, except:

A. Sousuke’s shoulder

B. Rin and Haru’s awkward relationship status XD

C. Did I mention that because of A and B, Rin’s dream is not likely to be fulfilled? Sure, he’ll get scouted, but the relay…the relay.

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I don’ think I can deal with ES being 14 episodes long…

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  • me: this fic fucked me up so bad and i cried for hours
  • me: here read it



is there really anything worst than having a notp becoming canon

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

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52 ? Free! 500px gifs

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Okay, I’m very confused as to why anyone is upset with how the confrontation in the most recent episode went. Because honestly, the entire interaction made complete sense.

Out of all the relationships that we are introduced to in Free!, Rin and Haru have by far the most emotionally charged relationship. Season 1 was primarily about this - about their confusion as to Rin’s behavior and about how Haru and Rin gain back their relationship. These two characters have probably seen each other in their most emotionally vulnerable moments. And in a way, it’s almost as though it’s because that’s their relationship. That’s how it is between them. Haru can’t admit to Makoto that anything is wrong, even though he is suffering from panic and anxiety about his current situation. He doesn’t want to worry Makoto at all. But when it comes to Rin, very few moments pass before Haru is shouting, which is something we have never seen before.

Is it because Rin just always seems to manage to push the wrong buttons? Yes. But it also goes beyond that. Rin is the only person Haru can feel comfortable shouting at - just like Haru is the only person Rin can truly melt down in front of. Haru was completely comfortable at showing his anger to Rin, but was shocked to find the others had witnessed it as well. It is only when their other friends were involved that he shows discomfort with his actions. Because with Rin, it is okay to shout, it is okay to cry, it is okay to fight and wrestle and to let it all out there in the open. That’s the way their relationship works. Their relationship is rocky, and it is EMOTIONAL. But at the end, they are the only ones who can force the other to tell the truth and to move beyond it to face their problems.



Aoba’s a problem solver

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